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Terms of Reference - Executive Director Paraguay Ahora

Project Background
“Paraguay Ahora” is a process of dialogue about the present and future of Paraguay, which began in April 2020, in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, in which more than 50 leaders of new generations participate. This process has been promoted by the World Bank office in Paraguay since its beginnings.

General objective of the project
• To position in the public sphere a group of ideas nurtured by different sectors of the new generations expressing ideas, practices and agreements regarding transformations in the Paraguayan development model, particularly in human capital and job creation, environment, health system and labor.

Specific objectives

1. To connect referents, leaders and young leaders of different groups at a national level through meetings (in-person, virtual and hybrid), aiming at mutual recognition, collective learning and the building of bonds of trust.

2. To build goal agreements between leaders related to human capital, natural heritage and the functioning of institutions, within the framework of the national Development Plan, and the transformation of the economic model of Paraguay.

3.  To execute an advocacy plan based on the strategic vision, planning of a practical process, systematizing, liaising with the 2030 Agenda, communicating, promoting the dialogue, and intergenerational solidarity.

The Consultant should perform the following tasks and deliver:

It is expected that the consultant can carry out the Executive Direction for the implementation of the project, which includes: 

1. Executive Direction of the different work teams of the Project, supervision, and coordination of other consultants: 

(i) Logistics; (ii) Facilitation; (iii) Communication; (iv) Systematization and (v) supervision of consultants ‘work.

2. Design and supervise the execution of the Project's operational work program and budget schedule. 

3. Keep a record of meeting agreements between the technical team, the Steering Committee, and the external stakeholders, as well as monitoring the implementation of those agreements. 

4. Supervise and report to the World Bank on compliance with the approved work plan and agreements of the different work teams.

5. Lead and prepare an advocacy plan for the “Agenda Paraguay”, to be built with the input of young leaders from the platform. 

6. Generate engagement strategies together with the World Bank targeted to traditional and non-traditional stakeholders. 

7. Ensure and advise in case there might be a potential reputational risk that can affect the WB through the program.

8. Ensure the generation of relevant content is disseminated to the internal audiences (management level and staff) of the World Bank.

9. Manage and monitor the Paraguay Ahora budget for a 12-month period in an efficient way. Including, internal World Bank policies related to the administrative management of the budget.

10. Negotiate with consultants and vendors the best relation price vs quality of the services to impact positively on the budget. 

11. Evaluate strategies jointly with the WB manager to re-launch Paraguay Ahora for the following cycle.  

12. Understand and apply the general WB best practices and policies to incorporate into the different processes along with the execution of the project.  


1. Prepare and present a semiannual operational and methodological plan to the WB

2. Prepare and present a monthly executive progress reports of the project to the WB.

3. Prepare minutes from the work meetings and monitoring of agreements.

The task will be performed from July 2022 to June 30th 2023 but can be cancelled by the World Bank at any time if needed.

The tasks will be conducted as a Short-Term Consultancy for 150 working days at a daily rate in accordance to the World Bank guidelines.

•Strong knowledge of economic, social, political and development issues in Paraguay.

• Four years of relevant experience conducting advocacy campaigns or responsibilities in the area of public policy.

• Good social and teamwork skills 

• Good understanding of current development challenges and institutions in Paraguay.

• Ability to work effectively under stress and tight deadlines; ability to prioritize and juggle multiple tasks within tight deadlines.

• Excellent oral and written communication capabilities in English and Spanish; experience with writing for general outreach.

• Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to work in a group and to deal effectively with staff at all levels and to facilitate client contact.

• Master's degree in a social science such as economics, business or public administration with 5 years of experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.

This is a full-time position. Applications are open until July the 29th 2022. 

The person will be based in the World Bank office in Paraguay.

He/she will report to the Resident Representative in the country.

Interested candidates should send their CV and a letter of interest to:  and by July 29th at 23:59.

To learn more about Paraguay Ahora visit:


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