What is the purpose of the initiative?

Paraguay Ahora is a space for strategic dialogue in which new generations can participate in a process of deep reflection on the country's situation. We seek to influence the design of public

What are we and what do we do?

We are an open space for Paraguayans from around the world that are willing to dialogue and work for a more just, inclusive and egalitarian country.

Who is involved in the initiative?

The initiative is promoted by a group of more than 70 leaders leaders from different sectors of society (academia, private sector, public, media, political parties and civil society), men and women who undertook the historical commitment to reflect on the changes that the country needs and promote the building of agreements with a global vision seeking to generate relevant changes. This group has already started the dialogue process and is now seeking to hear more people’s voices. You can learn more about who we are here.

How will the dialogue process take place?

The dialogue process is carried out primarily through general strategic dialogue meetings to debate several issues, prioritizing emergencies and building a collective vision among the +70 leaders. To generate a process of deep reflection on the situation in the country and influence the design of future public policies with tools and agreements that are transformed into action. Learn more about the methodology implemented here. The dialogue will be expanded through digital channels for citizen participation such as the “Let's Talk” forum, social networks and webinars.

What are the topics that will be discussed?

During the first phase of Paraguay Ahora, the issues were proposed by the leaders as part of the dialogue process, based on their realities and mobilizing interests.

The dimensions that the dialogue participants chose are 1. Political-Institutional, 2. Economic, 3. Social, 4. Environmental-Territorial, 5. Cultural, 6. Technological.

The dialogue will also address the following cross-cutting themes; rights approach, social inequality perspective, gender perspective, sustainability approach, inclusion perspective, territorial perspective, regional, international and global vision, communication and connectivity.

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